With its infectious chorus that repeats in your mind, “For The People”, it’s no surprise the Margit Sky Project has reached the number #1 position this week on the Indigenous Music Countdown.
— Andrew GJ aka DJ Droid, Turtle Island Radio Show, London, England

I’d like to mention my “Album Of The Year”… For The People by the Margit Sky Project. I was given a copy in order to learn the songs for live performance. As I listened, I became moved by the depth of the songwriting and the deeply personal lyrical content. As someone who is (with humility) committed to working out a relationship of Reconciliation with my Indigenous friends and neighbours — ALL MY RELATIONS — I was, and remain, deeply moved by the songs. As I was listening, I realized I was going to need a different drum set up to do these songs justice. Hence my large gong bass drum. It isn’t often I am so inspired by an album. “For The People” is a beautiful album — radiating the beauty and depth not unlike a great Bruce Cockburn album. This is the type of album I intend to buy for a bunch of my friends. I recommend it highly!
— Rob Gretsinger, Musician, Kamloops

The Margit Sky Project came to our home to perform for a benefit concert this fall and it was a roaring success. There were 40 people in attendance — 50+ — and everyone’s already high expectations for the quality of the show were exceeded. The sound quality and volume of the music was adapted perfectly for the environment.

Margit and Rod couldn’t have been more generous with their talents and time as they interacted with the guests at intermission and at the end of the show. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a long-lasting, positive impression on their friends. You will not be disappointed.
— Darrell Tomlinson, Rare Bird’s Housing Co-op, Kamloops

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Margit Sky Project for several years. They have been great to work with and a true delight for our guests’ listening enjoyment! I would recommend them as a fantastic choice for entertaining gatherings with varying tastes in music.
— Bryce Herman, Director of Marketing – Chances Casino, Kamloops

The Margit Sky Project exudes a passion for playing live music that resonates with their audience. It is my pleasure to work with these talented musicians and the results are always positive.
— Drew McLean, Kammerce Promotions, Kamloops